Future View

Management & Business Solutions

Some of our clients include:

Public Sector Organisations

To provide world class advisory services that ensures organisational enhancement.

  • National Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
  • National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
  • National Department of Rural Development and Land Affairs
  • National Department of Agriculture
  • National Department of Arts and Culture
  • National Department of Education
  • National Department of Trade and Industry - CIPRO
  • National Coastal Marine and Fisheries
  • National Department of Trade and Industry - CIPRO
  • National Coastal Marine and Fisheries
  • Gauteng Provincial Government – Gauteng Shared Services
  • Provincial Government of the Western Cape
  • Provincial Government of KwaZulu Natal
  • Free State Department of Education
  • Eastern Cape Department of Education
  • Western Cape Provincial Department of Sports and Culture
  • National Youth Development Agency
  • Fort Hare University
  • Coega Development Corporation
  • Fort Beaufort Municipality


  • Transnet
  • Eskom Distribution
  • National Ports Authority of SA
  • Metrorail

Private Sector

  • Edcon
  • First Rand Group


Future View

Management & Business Solutions

National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

We have conducted five major assignments which included the following:

  • Organisational Institutional Review
  • Organisational design including alignment between strategy, structure and organisational capacity requirements
  • Human Resources Strategy Design
  • Supply Chain and Procurement Strategy Design
  • Talent Management Strategy and Organisational Structure Design

National Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

  • Aligned high level national Forestry structure to the DWAF strategy
  • National Forestry Organisational Design
  • Advisory Services on DWAF restructuring and Water Services Infrastructure Agency Creation
  • Reviewed all Restructuring Consulting Projects and advisory services on Organisational Restructuring Programme Management Design
  • Design of DWAF HRD Strategy including Training Academy
  • OD Support Services for HR restructuring
  • 18 Month Contract on Leading the Programme Office for DWAF HR Restructuring

National Coastal Marine and Fisheries (Cape Town)

  • HR Institutional Review
    Human Resources Capacity Determination

National Department of Land Affairs

Provided consulting services for the Departmental procurement systems and process. Areas of design and development included:

  • Tender Management and Administration
  • Expediting Management
  • Setting up of Customer Management Centre for query, logging and resolution. Development of detailed management reports
  • Training of Staff

National Department of Education

Conducting a assessment of the school infrastructure needs for 220 of the priority schools which included 100 of the national 180 tree schools in KZN.

Provincial Government - KZN
KZN Provincial Government – Department of Economic Development

Researching, developing and implementing a BEE Finance Directory including developing relationship between the Provincial Government and Finance Institutions.

Provincial Government – Western Cape
Western Cape Department of Sports and Culture

  • Aligning organisational level competencies with legislative and Departmental mandate
  • Alignment and high level design of competencies for core occupational categories
    Conducting assessments and reports of all staff (+- 750)
  • Refinement of generic competency profiles

Gauteng Provincial Government
Gauteng Department of Education – 2 Assignments

  • Impact Assessment Study for Conditional Grants Programme
  • Impact Assessment for the EAZ Programme

Free State Department of Education

Designed job descriptions and competency profile framework model, performance management systems for executive and senior management levels.

Eskom – Research Assignment

Conducting impact assessment that includes desk review, field review, building financial models and developing and recommending enhancements to policies and procedures.

DEAT ECB Unit – Strategy and Repositioning

Conducted strategy and business planning work for the purposes of justifying the unit’s existence and to reposition in line with its target market.

Eskom (ESDEF Unit)– Strategy Assignment

Based on impact assessment developed the strategy for the unit moving forward. This included a conceptual operating model.

National Department of Arts and Culture Umsobomvu: Youth Fund - Business Advisory Services

We have advised +- 200 small businesses providing a range of services from business planning, financial management, marketing and mentoring support in Gauteng and KZN.

Metro Rail - KZN

Provision of Customer Service training.

Eskom - Distribution

Worked on a sub-contractor basis for the EDI related restructuring, strategy design and implementation programme.

National Ports Authority of South Africa – Portcon International

Of strategic business planning exercise. This included providing advisory services for business plans.

EDCON - National

Human Resources Consulting Services on Recruitment, Assessment, Selection Processes and Models.

Supply Chain and Logistics Operations Design and Human Resources.

University of Fort Hare

Activity Based Costing Support.